I was looking out for some legit online money making opportunities on the web and encountered a new website referred to me on an online forum. The website name was Yoonla CPA Foundation. So I signed up for it and to my amazement, the whole system is so friendly that you can get started and start making money within just one day. Keeping all of this in view, I decided to write a complete Yoonla Review in order help out you guys if it’s a legit money making opportunity or not.

Over the years in my struggle of finding and signing up for many legit (as well as not so legit) online money making websites, I’ve grown skeptical of the claims that many websites put forth. With numbers of fraudulent websites out there, I think it’s a quite natural behavior. Secondly, this is what maturity and experience mean. Sit back, observe, analyze, learn from others experiences and then act. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon and sign up on any website which guarantees to make you rich overnight.

So I did the same for Yoonla as well. As soon as I came to know about it, I started searching for the reviews that were available online in order to make sure that I will not be ripped off.

Once satisfied, I signed up for it and It’s been about a couple of months since I joined this website and this below is the experience that I’ve had till yet.

In fact, this article is a Yoonla Review that I’m sure you guys will find helpful to decide if it’s a legitimate income opportunity or a scam.

Does the concept of Affiliate App System look familiar to you? In my opinion, it is almost similar to Yoonla.

I would say that Yoonla is Affiliate App System 2.0.

Except that you are not able to make $247 commission from the Yoonla system (yet). I guess it’s going to be in the Phase 2 or 3.

If my prediction is right, Yoonla is going to release a series of “advance” training on Traffic Generation, and it will charge you a few hundreds for the course(s). And, if you wish to earn commission from promoting the course, then, you have to purchase it up front. This is just a prediction though. Let the time tell what Yoonla is all about.

If you happen to know the next phases of Yoonla has been released, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

At current (November 2017), I think Yoonla is a platform for promoting affiliate products, and it offers Cost per Action (CPA) commission for new referrals.

What Yoonla is All About?

Yoonla basically is a two-tiered CPA based affiliate program where you make money once any one of the two actions is performed.

1. Any person signs up for Yoonla (using your affiliate link)
2. Person upgrades to VIP member

So this is what two-tiered means when it comes to Yoonla. You earn a commission when the user signs up for the program as well as when your referral upgrades and becomes a VIP member.

Before going into the details of this program, let’s talk about who actually is the owner or creator of this program.

Who is the founder of Yoonla?

The founder of Yoonla is Reno Van Boven. From New Zealand, he is a seasoned Digital Entrepreneur and internet marketer with quite a few successful online marketing projects under his belt since 2006.

Is Yoonla really FREE?

Nothing comes for free, I hope you understand that by now.

Yes, the Yoonla membership is free, but in order for the Yoonla system to work, you have to purchase an autoresponder program called “GetResponse”, a domain Hosting from “Yahoo”, and a Squeeze Page creator called “LeadPages”.

These products that Yoonla has recommended are products of good quality, but you need to know that Yoonla will earn a commission when you sign up to each of the products.

Many Yoonla members have claimed that there is no obligation to sign up for those products, however, what they don’t tell you is that if you don’t sign up to those products using the links provided in Yoonla, you will not get a Yoonla affiliate account.

So basically, if you don’t sign up for those recommended products, you won’t earn a commission and your Yoonla membership is practically worthless.



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